| Bed Pans


  • Fracture bedpans have a wedge shape and tapered front with loop handle which facilitates ease of positioning and removal from under patient. May be used as female urinal.
  • Commode stackable bedpans design minimizes storage space, can be used with toilets and commode chairs, ad provides comfort and convenience for the patient and care giver.
  • Pontoon bedpans traditional design offers a strong and comfortable contoured shape. The front rim acts as a urine splash guard and the rear undercut provides additional volume collection and helps prevent spillage of contents.
  • All bedpans are latex and BPA free.

Product #                   Description                                                                                       Quantity

GP23003                     Bedpan Fracture, Gold                                                                      24

GP23004                     Bedpan Fracture, Rose                                                                      24

GP23006                     Bedpan Fracture, Turquoise                                                            24

GP23008                     Bedpan Fracture, Grey                                                                      24


GP21003                     Bedpan, Stackable/Commode, Gold                                             50

GP21004                     Bedpan, Stackable/Commode, Rose                                             50

GP21006                     Bedpan, Stackable/Commode, Turquoise                                   50

GP21008                     Bedpan, Stackable/Commode, Grey                                             50


GP22003                     Bedpan, Pontoon, Gold                                                                     20

GP22004                     Bedpan, Pontoon, Rose                                                                     20

GP22006                     Bedpan, Pontoon, Turquoise                                                           20

GP22008                     Bedpan, Pontoon, Grey                                                                     20