| Medicine Cups

Medicine Cups  |  1 oz., 2 oz.

  • Graduated 1oz/30mL and 2oz/60mL medicine cups have a tapered flexible design providing safe and accurate measurement of medications and solutions.
  • All medicine cups are latex and BPA free.

Product #                   Description                                                                                        Quantity

GP700                         Medicine Cup, 1oz, Graduated in mL/cc only, Translucent     5000


XC70009                    Medicine Cup, 2oz, Clear                                                                    1000

XC70013                    Medicine Cup, 2oz, Blue                                                                     1000

XC70014                    Medicine Cup, 2oz, Red                                                                      1000

XC70015                    Medicine Cup, 2oz, Green                                                                  1000

XC70016                    Medicine Cup, 2oz, Yellow                                                                 1000


XC70109                    Lid for 2oz Medicine Cups, Translucent                                         1000