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  • The commode specimen collectors, known as "specipans," can be used in standard toilets and commodes throughout the facility for the collection and measurement of urine and fecal samples.
  • Both styles of specimen collection pans are graduated in ounces and cc in large, easy-to-read black print.
  • The GS210 1000cc "slant back" style has the graduations on the sloping back platform and the graduations on the GS215 800cc Deluxe are on the back wall of the units.
  • The deluxe model has the widest rib reinforced "wings" to fit the broader bowls of today's toilets preventing filled collectors from falling into the toilet.
  • All commode specimen collectors are latex and BPA free.


Product #                   Description                                                                                        Quantity

GS210                         Specimen Pan, Slant, 1000cc                                                              100

GS212                         Specimen Pan, Economy, 800cc                                                         100

GS215                         Specimen Pan, Deluxe, w/ Ribs, 800cc                                             100