| Triangular Graduates

Triangular Graduates

  • Graduated to 32oz/1000cc, these easy-to-use, multi-tasking containers are available in crystal clear polystyrene and translucent unbreakable polypropylene.
  • The GP600 and GP610 have molded graduations.
  • The GP620 has black printed graduations.
  • All triangular graduates have patient Info "window" for writing pertinent patient information.
  • All triangular graduates are latex and GPA free.


Product #                   Description                                                                                        Quantity

GP600                         Triangular Graduate, Polystyrene,                                                  200

                                    Graduated, Clear        

GP610                         Triangular Graduate, Polypropylene,                                              200

                                    Graduated, Translucent

GP620                         Triangular Graduate, Polypropylene,                                              200