| Wash Basins

Wash Basins

  • The rectangular and round wash basins are multi-use basins for healthcare facilities.
  • Reinforced rims provide a secure grip when transporting empty or filled basins.
  • Rounded corners, rigid walls, and smooth finishes provide confidence when used in patient care bedside settings.

Product #                   Description                                                                                          Quantity

GP41003                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 6qt, Gold                                                   50

GP41004                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 6qt, Rose                                                  50

GP41006                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 6qt, Turquoise                                        50

GP41008                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 6qt, Grey                                                  50


GP42003                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 7qt, Gold                                                  50

GP42004                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 7qt, Rose                                                  50

GP42006                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 7qt, Turquoise                                        50

GP42008                     Wash Basin, Rectangular, 7qt, Grey                                                  50


GP45003                     Wash Basin, Round, 5qt, Gold                                                             50

GP45004                     Wash Basin, Round, 5qt, Rose                                                             50


GP46003                     Wash Basin, Round, 6qt, Gold                                                             50

GP46004                     Wash Basin, Round, 6qt, Rose                                                             50

GP46006                     Wash Basin, Round, 6qt, Turquoise                                                   50